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American Workers Need a Lifeline More than Corporations

Since the COVID-19 outbreak first impacted the domestic economy, trillions of dollars have been spent to stabilize financial markets and bail out corporations. Special interests should not be helped before working men and women. Workers across Illinois have lost jobs, healthcare, savings, and childcare and they need assistance right now.

The tax dollars we send to Washington should be used to help us in this time of crisis. Instead of bailing out industries and corporations that have looked out only for themselves, government action should focus on the following priorities:

  • Direct financial assistance to workers who have lost their jobs
  • Immediate continuation of healthcare benefits to workers who have lost them
  • Paid leave to benefit workers who have to care for their children or themselves
  • Free access to food and medicine for workers experiencing financial loss
  • Planning public infrastructure investment to create good-paying jobs while private industries recover

Put people before corporations and special interests. Pass legislation to provide immediate relief to the people who need it most.

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